Complaints Policy


Comments and Complaints Policy

1. Introduction

This policy, consistent with the "Retirement Villages Act 1999 No 81 [NSW]" and the "Retirement Village Regulations 2017," governs the handling of comments and complaints at [Retirement Village Name]. We prioritise treating all residents' concerns with utmost respect and courtesy, irrespective of the complaint's nature.

2. Principles of Handling Complaints

  • We handle each complaint with sensitivity, respect, and a focus on achieving a positive outcome.
  • A positive outcome is where the resident feels their concern has been addressed satisfactorily.

3. Methods of Complaint Handling

  • Anonymity Preferred: Complaints are managed non-intrusively for residents who prefer anonymity.
  • Public Forum Comfort: Residents comfortable with a public approach have their concerns addressed in a respectful, inoffensive manner.
  • Written Complaints: These are treated confidentially, with a focus on privacy and discretion.

4. Availability of Complaints and Feedback Forms

  • Forms are available at the flyer stand on level 2 near 1, and also on our website, allowing for easy and discreet access.
  • The "RYW Complaints and Feedback Form" can be found online, offering a convenient way for residents to express their concerns digitally.

5. Making a Complaint

  • Complaints can be made via the "RYW Complaints and Feedback Form," available in physical format and on our website.

6. Confidentiality and Privacy

  • Complaints are managed by the Privacy and Complaints Officer, Lisa Papahristos, ensuring compliance with privacy protection guidelines.

7. Resolution, Follow-Up, and Independent Review

  • We commit to fair and effective resolution, with provisions for follow-ups and independent reviews.

8. Record Keeping and Continuous Improvement

  • Secure record-keeping and regular analysis of complaints are undertaken for service improvements.

9. Compliance with Retirement Villages Act 1999 No 81 [NSW]

  • This policy is designed to be fully compliant with the Act and will be updated to reflect any amendments.

10. Online Accessibility

  • Both this policy and the complaints forms are accessible on our website, ensuring residents can easily find and use these resources.

11. Policy Review

  • Regular reviews will be conducted to ensure ongoing compliance with current regulations and best practices.